Ramadan 2017 – [Home Décor Ideas for the Holy Month: Welcoming Ramadan]


Ramadan 2017 approaching, it is time get into the spirit of the celebration. Many people looking for a spirituality home décor ideas suitable for Ramadan.

Welcome to our Interior Design Trends Series:

We curated and bring you some great interior design trends from the web.

Today on our interior design series, we showcase you a collection of home decoration ideas & trends for the holy month of Ramadan.

Whether you’re hosting beautiful “iftaar” get together at home, special Ramadan events for your staff members at the office, or just looking to welcome the Ramadan holy month.

Acquire this unique & simple steps to renovate your home with a beautiful Islamic spirituality to your home in this holy month.

Here are some Ramadan essentials to consider:

Ramadan Lights:

‘Lighting up’ your home or office for Ramadan 2017 with a range of Ramadan lights that are always in vogue.

Add a great atmosphere to your Ramadan “Iftaar” party or event with traditional lantern-style light and crescent-shaped lights.

Paper Lantern:

Bring joy to your child’s heart. Get some time to make Ramadan lanterns of paper with your children.

“Get A4 paper and fold it in half and cut lengthwise into slices without separating the parties. Then open the paper and wrap it and proved the sides something new together with the stapler and proved by the carrier sheet.”


A Majlis in Home:

Colorful cushions and carpets under a shed looks great. Convert your home or office space to beautiful Ramadan Majlis and give your guest a real festive feeling.

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Ramadan Home Wall Decoration:

Use “Helal & Stars” on the walls for Ramadan wall decoration.

“Bring colored paper with a color contrasting color wall at home and then cut Crescent-shaped big and small stars and paste it characteristically”


Elegant Wreath:    

Put beautiful wreath on the doors in Ramadan.  Use your own creativity & taste to create unique and beautiful elegant wreath in Ramadan 2017.

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Ramadan Marquee:

The one of the best way to host an annual staff or family party during Ramadan with traditional Ramadan Marquee.  Give your guest a visual treat with these marquees that combine the feel of traditional Arab décor with beautiful Ramadan theme.

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