5 Key Features to Look for When Buying a Quality Sofa in Dubai

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Are you looking to buy a new sofa set for your living room?

What is the first thing that catch your attention when it comes to buy a new sofa for your living area, No doubt, its: “Attractive Design”


If you looking to buy a quality sofa set, go beyond what it looks like.  Quality will goes profounder than looks & designs. This is the main reason behind “two identical looking sofa set can vary in price.”    

To determine your sofa’s level of comfort and its ability to retain its shape and stability is by sofa’s frame, seating support and filling

Which Criteria Are Important When You’re Buying a Sofa?   

Five key features that make up a quality sofa and why they are important. Read on to find out more.

Identifying High Quality Upholstered Furniture

High quality structure is what separates great sofa set from low quality sofa furniture. When you sit down first time on your sofa, you’ll realize what goes into a high quality piece of upholstered sofa furniture.


Any high quality sofa needs a well-made frame used to construct them, which will allow it to maintain its overall shape and integrity. The frame is the skeleton that keeps every part of the sofa together, basically, made of a sturdy type of solid wood. Hard wood frames can stand up to years of heavy use.

Many manufacturers use either metal or wood composites for frames in their contemporary designs, but the traditional craftsman’s choice is hardwood timber, a material that has served sofa makers well throughout history and to this day.        

In a high quality frame, the joints get special attention. They are glued, dowelled, and screwed. The corners are further strengthened by the addition of reinforcing blocks for extra support and strength.

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The springs used to make a sofa are primarily responsible for how comfortable it will be. They’ll provide a basis for the padding and will be integrated into the frame of the sofa.  

It makes up the inner part of the seating area, and, combined with the cushion filling, defines what your new piece of furniture feels like to sit on.


Individual metal wires are used to form a zigzag shape, which creates a spring. These are then attached from front to back within the frame’s seating space before being linked together.


A good sofa should use multiple layers of padding. The springs form the basis for the bottom layer of padding. They are probably covered in a breathable type of foam, or several layers of foam attached to one another.


The upholstery or cover you choose for your sofa is purely a matter of taste. Personal preferences will dictate whether you choose a leather sofa, a microfiber upholstery material, or some other option.

A quality sofa will make use of premium materials to create a piece of furniture that you will be proud to call your own.

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The seating support is also an important component in determining the quality of a sofa. It works in tandem with the frame and the filling. It shouldn’t sag, and it should provide good support in the seat and in the back.


The most common filling is high-density polyurethane. Obviously, the higher the density, the firmer the cushion will be.  

If you want a really soft seat, consider down cushions. These are considered to be the premium choice, and as you might imagine they are also among the most expensive.

Make sure that you are getting high-density foam because lesser-quality foam can start breaking down pretty quickly, causing sags, and the fabric does not stay taut when that happens.  

Environmental Effects that Can Damage Your Sofa


The ability of a textile upholstered sofa to resist abrasion is a main factor in determining how long it will last. To get some idea of how abrasion resistant your piece will be, some manufacturers use a test called the Martindale test on their upholstery.

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Woven fabrics of all sorts tend to build up tiny knots or pills on the surface. Small pieces of fibers come loose from the surface and become entangled.


A fabric’s resistance to the effects of light is called its lightfastness. Generally, darker, understated colors and synthetic fibers are less susceptible to the effects of light. You can’t stop material from bleaching out in the long term, however.

Choose Easy to Clean Furniture

Especially if your couch is the focal point of your family’s living room, it might not be long before you start to see some signs of wear.

Cleaning leather furniture is fairly easy, and you can keep a leather couch looking like new with almost no effort. Upholstered textile furniture takes a little more work.

Quality doesn’t come cheap, but a good-quality sofa will stay more comfortable and retain its looks for a long time. So consider buying the best quality that you can afford.

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