Employee Productivity – Is green office interior theme helping in your office productivity?

Green Your Lean

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Today we discuss about unique green office interior design, positive effect on employee productivity.

What really improves employee productivity? Is that is better technology, streamlined communication or great company perks?

Green Office Interior Theme May Be the Key to Productivity and Employee Health

Environmental features similar – Lighting and fresh air, will play a big role in employee productivity.

A number of latest research confirm that conventional office interior design could be slowly crushing employee productivity from within. “Greening” spaces with selective materials and health-conscious decor could be the key to fulfilling the productivity gap.

Humans are strongly accustomed to differences in light, color, and fresh air and in office interior, strategically adapting surroundings to mirror natural environments may be the difference between a team that just does the bare minimum and one that’s hitting it out of the park.

Daylighting Office Interior for Improved Employee Productivity:

A sleep patterns impact awareness and activity as well. If employees aren’t sleeping well, they’re probably not performing well. Light exposure plays a massive part in this process. The type of light and even the color and intensity affects physical and neurological activity.

Daylighting Office Interior for Improved Employee Productivity  Employee Productivity – Is green office interior theme helping in your office productivity? Pic 1

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Research say that “daylighting offices significantly affected not only employee productivity, but also absenteeism and overall health.”

Green Your Lean: – Green office interior theme set

Clutter does affect productivity.

In many collaborative environments, cubicles have been all but replaced by minimalist open-plan office environments.

Meant to stimulate productivity, these “lean” offices are as stingy on decorative furnishings as they are on walls. The popularity of the lean office is not surprising, given that interior design trends have swayed heavily toward minimalist aesthetics in the past 10 or so years.

A busy, cramped, and disorganized office space bombards the visual cortex with excess stimuli, which compete for our attention in the background, making it much harder to focus on the monitor in front of us.

Green Your Lean  Employee Productivity – Is green office interior theme helping in your office productivity? Pic2

Just as outdoor greenery affects productivity, indoor plant life seems to boost workers emotional, physical, and cognitive health.

Plants act as natural filters, drawing potentially harmful chemicals out of the air around them, and replacing them with oxygen.

Fresh Healthy Air, Increase Employee Performance:

Volatile organic compounds (VOC), chemical fumes present in building interiors, have been the subject of a debate between environmentalists and building scientists. These compounds exist in a huge range of home finishing and materials—paint, stains, furniture, you name it.

In one Harvard study, for instance, researchers tracked participants across three different neurological functions: their ability to respond to crises, to strategize, and to effectively use information. When workers were placed in rooms with optimized air quality, their performance was markedly improved.

Replacing toxic paint with VOC-free finishes is a good place to start, as is examining building ventilation systems and HVAC filtration.

Fresh Healthy Air, Increase Employee Performance:  Employee Productivity – Is green office interior theme helping in your office productivity? Pic 3


Is Office interior Paint Helping Office Productivity?

The office workplace color is thoroughly underestimated which has a huge effect on granting the feeling, moods and sensations that inspire the workforce.

The first thing we noticed in any office interior is their use of stock colors – commonly all the offices have greys, black and whites. All this colors are uninspiring, bland and minimalistic. “Colors are a powerful asset to an office as they have the ability to increase employee passion and their performance levels.”

Take a look at some color facts:

Red – is known to stimulate and raise heart rates, and is often associated with energy, passion and motivation.

Blue – can decrease the blood pressure, ease the stress and has also been linked to feel calm, trust and power.

Green – can be soothing, restful, and natural whilst instilling a sense of balance.

Yellow – fresh, cheerful and warm, it is said to inspire optimism and energy.

Purple – normally considered as a Royal color, purple is creative, luxurious and gives a sense of mystery.

Vibrant colors – can invigorate and inspire.

Pastel colors – can increase the calming effect and concentration.


Office Paint Helping Office Productivity  Employee Productivity – Is green office interior theme helping in your office productivity? Pic4

Look around your office interior and see if you can make any changes in interior color that make your workplace more pleasing.

We, Trust Base Interior Decoration, are specialized on designing your space with proper color theme to motivate your employees which has a direct and positive effect on your business.  For your inquiry, kindly please contact us on +971 4 457 2304 or info@trustbase.ae.

The trick here is:  Learn how to use colors correctly and ensure you find the right balance in your workplace ( i.e office, showroom, salon, …) interior design.

Do you have any thoughts on the office interior design affect the employee productivity?

Please share your thoughts on comment section below.

Meantime please take a look at our office interior works to see how we used color themes for our clients workplace here – http://www.tbdecoration.ae/portfolio.html


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